Robert Lang answered my message about the origami challenge hosted by the
Japan Center of the Andes University here in Bogotá (Colombia). He noted
how in prehistoric times (haha) there had been a challenge for a working
origami pedal bin and that he didn't recall having seen one aside from the
one I folded for the recent challenge in my city. Thank you Robert and to
everyone who left their reaction on the Facebook submission! I'm very
flattered : )

So, actually Ilan Garibi had created one before me. Along with another
model, he submitted it to the Inter-forum Useful Model Challenge back in
2012. He named his model "Garbage Can". The diagrams were published the
year after in the resulting book: "Practigami". I don't know if someone has
attempted creating a working pedal bin aside from Ilan and me, but I'd love
to know! Does anyone have any information about other origami pedal bins?

I must confess (sorry Ilan) that I wasn't too satisfied with Garibi's
design. That was what moved me to create my own version back in 2013 and I
improved its mechanism in 2015. Now, when I create a model I have
occasionally done something that most origamists don't do: include
non-foldable materials. For example, "Shadow box" includes Plexiglass.
That's also the case with "Pedal bin", it includes some grey board
reinforcements, a single Formica reinforcement, and a coin as well.

Maybe someone else has already created or can create a working origami
pedal bin that doesn't need those materials or that many paper sheets (five
in total). I'd love to see that!


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