Dear Dawn,

I have used Folded Square origami paper quite a bit and I do like using it.

While this paper is more like printer paper than kami in weight, it folds very 
nicely. It’s particularly useful to use when making boxes, as the end result is 
quite sturdy.

Their “Contrasting Color Collection” has, I think, the nicest colors I have 
found for duo paper.

That this brand of paper is sold mostly in mixed color assortments (yes, some 
colors are available singly) and only in 150mm squares limits it, in my 
opinion, to use by beginners (I don’t mean that as a put-down) or by dabblers 
(like me) who like to try new things all the time.

When I have some serious paperwork to do though, I go to sources where many 
sheets of the same color or of a size different from 150mm are more readily 

Also, the Pantone color coding is of no consequence to me. To me, that concept 
smacks more of brand name marketing than usefulness in any coordinated design 

If, in a bind, however, I should require a sheet of paper in a particular 
color, I will scan a sample of said color to determine its hex code, draw a big 
rectangle in Pages filled with that color and then, using my inkjet printer, 
running off as many sheets as I need, and then cutting them down to size. Do 
you like wet-folding? Try folding this paper not long after it comes out of the 

I hope, Dawn, that I’ve been of some help to you.

Greetings from Denver,


Mark Burger
Founder and Executive Director 
East Denver Origami Society 

> On Jun 19, 2020, at 4:44 PM, Dawn Tucker via Origami 
> <> wrote:
> Has anyone tried "folded square" brand origami paper, which comes in Pantone 
> solid colors and Pantone (duo) combinations? I have seen it on Amazon, and 
> I'm wondering about the thickness, and any other positive or negative 
> qualities. Thank you!
> Dawn Tucker

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