TODAY: The mystery of the Dragonfly
In this new video, I will tell the story of some incomplete diagrams from the 
19th century showing how to fold a dragonfly. The diagrams belonged to a 
Japanese encyclopedia, Kan-no-mado (also called Karagayusa) that had long been 
lost. It seemed impossible to solve the enigma, but when in 1952, Gershon 
Legman, who was studying the history of paperfolding, sent the incomplete 
drawings to the Argentinean Ligia Montoya, she figured out the missing steps. 
In 1960, Julia Brossman, an American student of art, found a copy of the 
drawings which had been copied by hand by anthropologist Frederick Starr (the 
drawings had been kept at the Library of Congress in Washington D.C.). It was 
then possible to confirm that Ms. Montoya had not been wrong. 
The video will explain how to fold the dragonfly (or tonbo, in Japanese).
To fully comprehend the story, I included in the museum website the original 
drawings from the Kanomado encyclopedia, as well as the original letter by 
Ligia Montoya in which she revealed the missing steps of the drangonfly model. 
Click here to see the page in English and watch the video: 

Laura Rozenberg
Museo del Origami
Colonia del Sacramento

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