Since the old collaborative blog stopped working years ago, I remade it all
and turned it into my personal website. Please, take a look... visit its
different sections: * <>*

Now, there's a particular section: *From the Old Neorigami*. I'll be slowly
adding the PDFs from the blog to this section (e.g. the diagrams and
Mini-Neo issues) and I'll let you know about the latest ones I've added
right here. You can find the whole list at

So let's start.

*Mini Neo #1* (only available in Spanish):

*21st Century Monk, by Mike Brigh*t:

*Horse & Pegasus, by Leonardo Pulido Martínez*:

*Line on Four, by Graciela Vicente*:

*Neko Smile Emoji, by Hadi Tahir*:

*Hammer & Sickle, by Hadi Tahir*:

Have fun folding!


*Gerardo G.*

*Knowledge and Curiosity in Origami:*
*six private classes online* <>

"(...) It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it takes your breath away
and fills you with the true joy of *origami*. I experienced this in my
lessons with Gerardo G. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Gerardo is (...)" *C.
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