We are desperately trying to find time to update the software that runs
this list. We have now made this one of our higher priorities, as this
list is our primal channel of communication with our community.

Disapearing postings sounds very alarming and makes us raise the
priority of updating this mailing list even higher.

We are trying our best to bring you full EJB 2.0 as soon as possible,
and I am sure that you, our users, also rates full EJB 2.0 compliance
higher than the performance of this list as long as you know that the
mailing list software will soon be updated.

With Regards,

Magnus Rydin
IronFlare AB

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[mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] För Simon Stewart
Skickat: den 27 februari 2002 17:37
Till: Orion-Interest
Ämne: OT: disappear postings (was Re: Uploading files to Orion webserver
with MultipartParser API)

On Wed, Feb 27, 2002 at 09:17:41AM -0000, Justin Crosbie wrote:
> P.S. this is my second attempt at posting this, it appears the list 
> does not pick up everything that is posted.

I've noticed this too. Can't remember seeing a comment that this list is
moderated anywhere, but perhaps we should ignore the man behind the



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