Hi all,

i've encountered a weird problem regarding timezones :

My system timezone is set to Europe/Zurich, GMT+2, since we are in DST.

Running a standalone java application and querying TimeZone.getDefault() 
returns the correct timezone, i.e. the one with the correct ID 
"Europe/Zurich". The time is also correct.

Querying TimeZone.getDefault() within Orion yields a timezone with ID 
"Custom" ! The offset is almost correct, excepted that it doesnt support 
the daylight saving. (GMT+1). (TimeZone.getDefault()).useDaylightTime() 
returns false, which is incorrect. Hence, the time is 1 hour late.

In short, Orion does not properly build the right timezone from the system 
settings. Is there any way to address this problem ?



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