>You seem to be thinking along somewhat similar lines to Boccaccini, at
>least with regards to the identification of the Sons of Zadok and their
>relation to the Maccabees.  Have you taken a look at his Roots of
>Rabbinic Judaism?  I put up a post a couple of months ago in which I
>commented on it.


The only book of Boccaccini's I have is Middle Judaism in which 
he has already, unexplicably accepted the Essene connection with 
the scrolls. This didn't endear me to his thoughts, given that 
the few classical sources tell us -- with little that is exact 
enough to say what is and what is not an Essene position in a 
literary source.

My position on the sons of Zadok is a longheld view explaining 
the references to them in the scrolls. I have previously 
mentioned the relationship between priests and the two top 
angelic levels found in Jubilees, angels of the presence 
(connected with the sons of Zadok) and angels of holiness (with 
the sons of Aaron). This becomes partially clear in the analysis 
of 1QSb which I posted sometime back on the list.

If Boccaccini has developed similar lines of thought, it is a 
good sign for the idea, in that at least someone else has 
arrived at the same point from some other direction!


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