Dear Sirs, 
      In connection with the very hot recent discussion on the Qumran 
   and Jericho tombs in the Orion-net, as Editor of a just published 
   extremely important book by Professor Robert Donceel (University of 
   Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium) I should like to bring it to the 
   attention of all those interested. The book is 'Synthese des 
   observations faites en fouillant les tombes des necropoles de 
   Khirbet Qumran et des environs / The Khirbet Qumran Cemeteries. A 
   Synthesis of the Archaeological Data, Cracovie / Cracow 2002. 
   The book is not yet officially released and so it is known only to 
   a few reviewers. It is a special issue of THE QUMRAN CHRONICLE 
   (Volume 10, dated May 2002) and should reach some semninary and 
   university libraries in the USA within four to six weeks 
   (depending on priority or surface delivery). We have just started 
   sending it out. 
     The small book (114 pages) is in French, but has four pages 
   English summary. The contents and the captions of twenty-one 
   plates are bilingual.    
     This first synthesis containing MANY NEW DATA, including unknown 
   pages from Father Roland de Vaux's field notes, previously 
   unpublished drawings and photographs, and also the first plan and 
   a big aerial photograph of the main Qumran cemetery, will be 
   useful also to non-subscribers. We have prepared some extra copies 
   for such people. To obtain a copy please contact the 
   editor directly at this e-mail address: 
                            yours truly   Dr. Z. J. Kapera
                                          Jagiellonian University 

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