Err, I you don't have to be too quiet... ;-)

On Tue, Jul 31, 2012 at 11:05 AM, red1 <> wrote:

> **
> Ok boss.. though i am just a messenger who always get shot.
> Terima kasih atas nasihat ini. Saya diam-diamlah sekarang.
> On 7/31/12 10:41 AM, Abu Mansur wrote:
> Brother Red1, timing is everything. We will not achieve anything in random
> rants you know.
> Don't spray all your bullets at random (also we need to get invited again
> and again so we have more info). I am discussing with Hassan about some
> possible agendas using the OSCC that we will discuss in the group here.
> Just wanted to get some structure otherwise the con/skype call will be
> messy. In Sales we have a saying (you are selling something), sales is a
> process, when it is not a process, then it is a problem. We need to map an
> action plan with doable milestones. Hope SIG members can take up components
> of the tasks ahead so it doesn't end up on one person, sort of like a
> gotong royong thing...
> Some of my agenda that I have discussed with some of you:-
> The Open Development Model in Government Procurement for software ie
> projects evolve with OSS license and development process from the very
> beginning. When actual tender comes out, marks will be given to based on
> Vendors participation for initial phase. Winning vendor becomes major
> project sponsor. Recruitment by vendor for developers is also easier as you
> can see who are the main developers contributing to the project. Less
> possibilities of lemons (Eg Kastam GST like last time)
> The other one is software development on top of SELINUX for government
> software (I am presenting to govt CIO this coming 10th) to move to more
> serious stuff in OSS. If we can tie in with activity one of the above and
> incorporate academic faculty members and students in the development we can
> kill two, nay even three birds with one stone. The government can really be
> a catalyst for our software industry by providing a fertile ground for some
> serious software development through these projects.
> More thoughts later (everyone else feel free to rant here) as I am rushing
> to send my first draft to MAMPU...
> On Tue, Jul 31, 2012 at 9:53 AM, Redhuan <> wrote:
>>  I think we should brainstorm more often together (while blasting away on
>> four pistons) as i do not think our pitch yesterday sinks in or far. It is
>> better we make a proper presentation as a powerful think tank collectively,
>> to the right office such as KSU and then PM, and collect momentos of 'skull
>> tatoos' along the way.
>> I like to share what a friend working somewhere up in KLCC Towers who
>> wrote to me a moment ago:
>> Nor Bahgia B M Nordin:
>> "I think anything creative futuristic or game changing breakthrough
>> spearheaded by government servants will fail due to their multiple KPI
>> mentality, and other restrictions.
>> Entreprenurs/Technopreneurs/Scientist have a ‘no-choice’  ‘do-or-die’
>> situation, which drives them to do the impossible. It’s a intense single
>> minded focus.
>> Jobs, Gates, Page and the rest never wasted their time with the
>> government types. They just went ahead and did what they were supposed to
>> do regardless.
>> I can tell you this. The road-maps will just collect dust again."
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