Robert Osfield writes:

> Hi All,
> This thread has been kinda dead since I asked the community for help
> with the IGES plugin submission that use OpenCascade to load the files
> and generates meshes.  I've just returned to this submission and had a
> bash at adding in missing parts of the CMake support, got this working
> enough to compile and link the iges plugin.  I had to make some small
> tweaks to the code to handle recent changes in OpenCascade as well.  I
> have checked into OSG git master this new iges plugin.  Consider this
> a first pass in support, I haven't attempted loading any files.  My
> hope is the community will be able to dive in a start trying out this
> new plugin on their own data and then we can refine it.

Hi Robert, thanks a lot for including this patch.

I have tried it on linux with OpenCascade Community Edition (OCE) and it
works with some models of mine.  However, I had to remove a pair of
lines, shown below: an unused header, XSDRAW.hxx and a "WNT"
preprocessor definition.

Nevertheless, I think that WNT should be necessary on windows, so maybe
it has to be protected with a pair of #ifdef WIN32 for not including it
unconditionally on the rest of the platforms.

I can submit a pull request if you want.

modified   src/osgPlugins/iges/ReaderWriterIGES.cpp
@@ -66,7 +66,6 @@
 #include <TDF_LabelSequence.hxx>
 #include <TDF_ChildIterator.hxx>
-#include <XSDRAW.hxx>
 #include <Quantity_Color.hxx>
 // osg headers
modified   src/osgPlugins/iges/ReaderWriterIGES.h
@@ -26,7 +26,6 @@
 /// \brief preproccessor macro required for compilation with open cascade
 /// \todo not sure what it does
-#define WNT
 #include <TDF_LabelSequence.hxx>


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