Hi everybody,

Ive got some problems with displaying the result of a prerender step in different views.

The root node has two basic branches:
a prerender branch that renders and processes a live camera image, and a main render branch, that has two subnodes. The output texture of the prerender step is applied to the subnodes in different ways. A View is set to each subnode to display the specific view of the scene. A third View is set to the root node to observe the overall behavior of the texture (applied to both subnodes).

The problem is, that the Texture gets updated in the overall view, but not in the subnode views (it shows the initialised static texture, not even the updated camera image). When I set the scene data of the subnode views to the root, the texture gets updated, but the framerate drops. When i assign no View to the scene root, the prerender branch isnt traversed at all....As far as i know, the update traversal is called once per frame for a composite viewer, that should update the texture in all nodes. Please help me with that one.


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