Thanks for the reply. See inline...
You could implement your own loader with a different file extension
(say, ".enc") that does the en/decryption and then calls the IVE loader
to load the resulting data. The curl loader does something like this.

This is what I did originally. There was a problem with referenced files; those wouldn't get encrypted/ decrypted. The IVE loader would just process them as .ive's.

Or you could use a osgDB::Registry::Read/WriteFileCallback to de/encrypt
the data before it gets read/sent from/to disk.

That is interesting. I didn't know about those before. I think they will have the same problem though. If I write a callback that does something special when it's suppose to write out an encrypted file, and it uses the IVE loader to get the data to encrypt, that process will still cause the IVE loader to write out referenced files as .ive's.

This would be pretty easy if I could derive from ReaderWriterIVE.

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