Hi Users,

trying to clarify some specs on the renderbin, perhaps someone could help:

what I'm assuming:
-there are two default renderbins created at startup "RenderBin" and
-"DepthSortedBin" is always render after "RenderBin"
-"DepthSortedBin" sorts objects from back to front
-higher renderbin number means rendering is done later
-renderbins are sorted by states

what I'm asking:
-if an object has a parent osg::Group that has been set to "RenderBin" with
a value of 10 and the object itself uses
"RenderBin" with a value of 20 then which is used?
-an .osg file can have renderbin values too? so if I load an .osg file and
set it to have "RenderBin" 10 do I override the renderbin values
in the file? or are they pushed relative to my given value 10? sometimes the
.osg file consist of many renderbin values.

Peter Wraae Marino

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