Hi All,

I have tried to play movie on created canvas by osgWidget::Box class by this

    osg::Image* image = osgDB::readImageFile("video.mov");
    osg::ImageStream* imagestream = dynamic_cast<osg::ImageStream*>(image);
    if (imagestream) imagestream->play();

    osgWidget::Window* box1 = createBox("HBOX", osgWidget::Box::HORIZONTAL,

    box1->getBackground()->setColor(1.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f, 0.8f);


    // pass the model to the MovieEventHandler so it can pick out
ImageStream's to manipulate.
    MovieEventHandler* meh = new MovieEventHandler();
    viewer.addEventHandler( meh );

    viewer.setSceneData( wm->createParentOrthoCamera() );

But I can't see the video frames on the box, the video is playing, I can
hear it voice and console information which is scaling the every frame to
the expected size notify. If I play the gif file on the box instead of
video, it plays the gif file without any error.

I have searched the source code and find that, osgWidget::Widget class's
setImage function using osg::Texture2D function to operate texturing. But in
the movie example I have created Quad with osg::TextureRectangle function to
operate texturing. And it works by using TextureRectange. If when I use
Texture2D the same problem has appeared as this.

Could it be drawback of osgWidget::Widget class setImage function in some
format texturing operation?

Is there anyone who try to play video on Box created by osgWidget?

Best Regards.

Ümit Uzun
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