Hi All,

I just got notification from the mailman server that 180+ members have
un-subscribed in just one minute.  Clearly this is the server deciding
to do stuff all by itself.  We've seen this suspect behaviour before
and in the past I've logged a support call to Dreamhost to reinstate.
In the past Dreamhost have claimed that this is just mailman cleaning
out no longer valid addresses, but I would expect such a process to
happen incrementally because nearly 10% of the community wouldn't
suddenly have invalid accounts.  I have configured mailman to be
lenient towards accounts that are bouncing messages, and over the last
six/year months I haven't seen any of these mass un-subscribes.

I am no server nor Mailman expert so I would like feedback from those
who might know a little more about this stuff than I.  If it is just
invalid accounts being kicked off then fine, it'll save the server
from dealing with all the bounces, but if it's not, and think it's
likely it's not then we have users dropping off the list that wish to
remain subscribed which is bad news.

If you've been affected by this (i.e. you've had to just resubscribe)
or know one who's had this problem could you send notifcation of this
problem into the list/me.  I can then try and work out some pattern
and start holding Dreamhosts toes the fire to sort it out.. yet again.

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