Hello All,

I am going to be teaching my first semester as a part-time adjunct professor
at BYU-Idaho.  I am really EXCITED!  We will be teaching an intro. to
graphics course that has not been taught before at this school.  Our focus
will be on juniors and seniors wanting to get out in the industry and do

Our thought is to take a direction slightly different from the traditional
graphics course that works students through writing their own low level
graphics operations through writing their own phong shader and rudimentary
ray-tracer.  We know we need to teach the fundamentals with vector and
matrix math, etc. (a linear algebra class is already set as a
pre-requisite), but our thought was that we could focus on OpenGL and teach
how these concepts are important even while working on this relatively high
level API.

Once we have the fundamentals down and an idea of how OpenGL works, I wanted
to introduce the students to OSG and how a scene graph helps.  Another big
goal is to teach them how to participate in an Open Source community.
Ultimately I would like to have the students work on final projects that
they might be able to submit to the cause.  There are SOOO many great things
they could learn from this effort.  I hope we are not trying to shove too
much into a 3 credit hour class, but I am excited to see how it goes.

So, we have a few ideas about the things I think we should cover, but I
would love to get some feedback from this great community about things that
you would teach in this kind of course.  I know I want to introduce them to
the coding standards and the submission guidelines you have on the website.
Are there other things we should consider on that front?  (should we
pre-screen the submissions before we send them off to you?).  What kinds of
projects would you recommend the students might be able to work on?  The LWO
and LWS readers are near and dear to my heart, so I was going to have them
work on features there, but I am certainly open to suggestions.

-- Rick
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