modjtabaf wrote:
> 1 - you have commented the body of zoomOn function, but it's declaration 
> exits in the class.

I was just playing with.  ZoomOn  is intended to zoom fullscreen on  a 
selected node ? That would be useful.

You can submit it by simply posting the files to the submission forum.
(zip the header/cpp - the forum has a problem with files without an extention). 
You will need to clean up a few things - like adding explanation comments for 
docgen for each function declaration - to get past Robert.

But I was wondering if it would be better as an extention to 
TrackBallManipulator? The spherical mode is really just a set of constraints to 
the regular trackball which you might want to turn on and off. For a CAD app 
being able to lock and free individual rotation axes is certainly useful.


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