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On Wed, Jan 13, 2010 at 12:20 PM, Tugkan Calapoglu <tug...@vires.com> wrote:
> Sure. I do not expect that two cameras render in parallel onto a single
> window, but cull and draw of a certain camera should run parallel.
> Indeed they do so normally with the exact same scene and application. It
> breaks only if the second camera (the slave) has PRE_RENDER render order.

Cull and draw can only run in a parallel once all the dynamic geometry
has been dispatched, otherwise the draw will be dispatching data that
is being modified by the next frames update and cull traversals.
Perhaps you have some dynamic geometry or StateSet's that are holding
back the next frame.

Regardless of threading of cull your problem is draw dispatch not
cull, you need to look into why the draw dispatch on the second draw
is taking so long.  Please look at my last email.

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