Hi Robert,

many thanks for your answers and support. I'm far from reclaiming something.
So as I understand your explanation the information I expected during cull 
trversal is just not there.
So I'll look for another solution.

Thanks again

- Werner -

Am 02.02.2021 um 13:59 schrieb Robert Osfield:
> On Tue, 2 Feb 2021 at 10:38, Werner Modenbach 
> <werner.modenb...@modenbach-ac.de <mailto:werner.modenb...@modenbach-ac.de>> 
> wrote:
>     Hi Robert,
> Replying to osg-users list so that others can chip in with insights or learn 
> from the discussion.
>     I think I'm close to getting the solution.
>     Unfortunately the CullStack doesn't handle any StateSets.
>     I also do not really understand what a StateGraph is.
>     I just guess, calling /CullVisitor->getCurrentStateGraph()->_stateSet 
> /gives me the accumulated StateSet.
>     Am I right?
>     Or is the accumulation of StateSets somewhere in CullVisitor->getState()? 
> But there is no method for just querying a uniform in State.
>     Most of the classes have only push(), pop() or apply() methods. No query 
> methods.
> I have touched this code for years so you are probably more familiar with it 
> now than I. 
> From the top of my head the CullVisitor doesn't directly manage individual 
> state components like Uniform, just the high level StateSet.  The results of 
> the Cull traversal are
> passed on to the a osgUitl::StateGraph that remains at the StateSet levels, 
> it's only once this StateGraph is applied during the draw traversal does the 
> OSG's draw traversal
> behind to handle the individual components of state like models, attributes 
> and modes, and this is done via osg::State.
> What you are wanting to do is out of the ordinary, it's not something the OSG 
> was specifically designed to do.  Whether your approach is really necessary 
> or the best approach I
> don't know - I'm just trying to answer questions.  When you do go beyond what 
> the OSG was originally envisaged to do you'll need to accept that you'll need 
> to dig into code and
> figure stuff out, I can only help you so much.
> Robert.
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