#519: please update qgis and qgis-grass-plugin7 for GRASS 7.0.5
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Priority:  blocker      |  Component:  Package
 Version:               |   Keywords:  qgis qgis-grass-plugin7 grass
 Looks like the current version of qgis (2.16.3-1) and the qgis-grass-
 plugin7 (2.16.3-1) in the OSGeo4W 64-bit installer are compiled against
 GRASS 7.0.4 and could be re-compiled against GRASS 7.0.5 (current

 Without it, users have to downgrade GRASS to 7.0.4 without knowing why the
 plugin breaks or that qgis browser can no longer add grass layers to the
 map canvas. when the OSGeo4W installer automatically upgrades them to
 GRASS 7.0.5.

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