#564: run eric6 python ide along with qgis3/qt5 error
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 Version:           |   Keywords:  python3 pyqt5 ide eric6
 I tried to install the python ide eric6 version 18.02 with python and qt
 provided by OSGEO4W (eric6 itself is written in python by the way).
 Install works without any errors, but eric won't start - after the splash
 screen python crashes. Though I can see errors when i start it manually
 calling eric6.py:

 Warning: translation file 'qt_de_DE'could not be loaded.
 Using default.
 Warning: translation file 'qscintilla_de_DE'could not be loaded.
 Using default.
 BackgroundService listening on: 61573
 Could not find QtWebEngineProcess.exe
 Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "C:\tmp\q3\apps\Python36\Lib\site-
 packages\eric6\Utilities\BackgroundClient.py", line 141, in run
     header = self.__receive(struct.calcsize(b'!II'))
   File "C:\tmp\q3\apps\Python36\Lib\site-
 packages\eric6\Utilities\BackgroundClient.py", line 99, in __receive
     newData = self.connection.recv(length - len(data))
 ConnectionResetError: [WinError 10054] Eine vorhandene Verbindung wurde
 vom Remotehost geschlossen

 So it seems, that i am missing QtWebEngineProcess.exe? I searched my
 computer for any occurrence and found one under the dropbox install
 folder, so there are applictions using it. Is it part of "standard" PyQt5
 and missing in the osgeo4w-packages?

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