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Thanks for the head’s up on your work with DOSGi… I’ll certainly take a look.
I just started the vote for CXF DOSGi 2.0.0 yesterday. So this would be a good chance to look into it. See the vote thread on the cxf dev list. It should also be in maven central in about 4 days.

What I’ve built to-date is the following:
  - Contract-first development with hand-written wsdl's, then using an Eclipse 
plugin to generate annotated code
I would not use an eclipse plugin for this. Instead use the cxf maven codegen plugin. This will automatically rebuild your code. So you can just change the wsdl and do a new build when you need to change the wsdl.
Btw. It should work fine to use the generated code with DOSGi.
  - Leverage these contracts and auto-generated code with CXF, resulting in 
bundles which publish web services
I would create one bundle with the generated code. This forms the API of your service and can be shared between consumers and providers.
  - Using soapUI to successfully test these web services

My issue is now:
  - Writing a client bundle which consumes these services
You can use blueprint or the cxf java clients to create a proxy for you service. .. or of course DOSGi.


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