I would like to override the basic enroute distro settings by adding some 
runsystempackages and runproperties for all my workspace projects. 

Usually I do this including property files in my project's bnd/bndrun files, 
but I would prefer to simply inherit those settings from the distro without 
explicitly including properties files around.

Maybe an example can clarify what I have in mind:

This is an excerpt of cnf/ext/enroute-distro.bnd

-runpath.eqnx:                  osgi.enroute.equinox.log.adapter
-runrequires.eqnx: \

-runsystempackages.eqnx:                javax.script
-runsystemcapabilities.dflt:    ${native_capability}

And I would like to enhance this, for instance adding new bundles in the 
runsystempackages directive, so that any bnd(run) file in the workspace can 
implicitly get those extra settings. To keep the enroute-distro.bnd file neat 
and clean, I would like to keep those changes in a separate file.

So my questions:

        Is this a good/adviseable approach?
        How can I "include" additional settings in cnf/ext/enroute-distro.bnd 
from a custom properties file?

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