This is quite simple.

1. Create a new bnd file in the cnf/ext directory; say "custom.bnd"
2. Place "merge" properties in this file containing all the things you wish
to add. Merge properties are those which append an arbitrary suffix (it's
nice to use a suffix which sort of captures the concept of your additions).


-runblacklist.custom: ...
-runpath.custom: ...
-runrequires.custom: ...
-runsystempackages.custom: ...


- Ray

On Fri, Sep 16, 2016 at 4:13 AM, Matteo Rulli <>

> I would like to override the basic enroute distro settings by adding some
> *runsystempackages* and *runproperties* for all my workspace projects.
> Usually I do this including property files in my project's bnd/bndrun
> files, but I would prefer to simply inherit those settings from the distro
> without explicitly including properties files around.
> Maybe an example can clarify what I have in mind:
> This is an excerpt of cnf/ext/enroute-distro.bnd
> ...
> -runpath.eqnx: osgi.enroute.equinox.log.adapter
> -runrequires.eqnx: \
> osgi.identity;filter:='(osgi.identity=org.apache.felix.log)'
> -runsystempackages.eqnx: javax.script
> -runsystemcapabilities.dflt: ${native_capability}
> ...
> And I would like to enhance this, for instance adding new bundles in the
> *runsystempackages* directive, so that any bnd(run) file in the workspace
> can implicitly get those extra settings. To keep the enroute-distro.bnd
> file neat and clean, I would like to keep those changes in a separate file.
> So my questions:
> Is this a good/adviseable approach?
> How can I "include" additional settings in cnf/ext/enroute-distro.bnd from
> a custom properties file?
> Thanks!
> matteo
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