Hi all,

I’ve been trying the Distributed OSGi tutorial using as posted on the 
enroute.osgi.com <http://enroute.osgi.com/> website.
After some initial issues with the latest version of Zookeeper I have been able 
to get to the chapter 8 where we will be creating the application to actually 
distribute the chat application. 
The issue I’m having is that the configuration of the chat implementation is 
not picked up. When I change the user name property in the web console, I still 
get the member list with just the entry osgi and not the new username. While 
trying to find the issue I narrowed it down to the actual application bundle. 
When I create a run configuration just with the chat provider bundle the 
username changes in the gogo shell when I change the username in the web 
console configuration. As soon as I add the chat application bundle to the run 
configuration the changes in the web console are not visible in the gogo shell 
anymore using the members command.

Can someone help me were to look for the issue?

ps. the code can be pulled from: https://github.com/elpinjo/osgitutorial 

With kind regards,

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