I had a look at the recently published Compendium R7 draft.

I noticed the Promise interface has, among other changes, two new methods:
* public Promise<T> timeout(long milliseconds)
* public Promise<T> delay(long milliseconds)

(I somehow suppose these are also used by the new PushStream API)

Is there any provisional reference implementation publicly available

I suppose any sane implementation of these would be non-blocking, and as
far as I can see a good way to implement them is to use a Scheduler, but
these methods don't take a Scheduler as a parameter, and I'm left
wondering whether I'm missing something obvious, whether the default
implementation is blocking, or if it's getting a scheduler from
somewhere (or worse, constructing one or using a Timer), and if so,
where from :)

Up to Promises 1.0, promises run in whatever thread we supply: either
the calling thread or a callback thread, and all methods are
non-blocking. Will this change with 1.1?

Thanks for pointers,

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