enRoute is intended to be a way for someone new to OSGi to quickly get started 
and use it.  From the latest press release about enRoute: 
"OSGi enRoute is an OSGi Release 6 development environment that includes a 
complete tool chain based on Eclipse, Bndtools and either Gradle or Maven. OSGi 
enRoute also provides tutorials, examples, and application notes at With OSGi enRoute, a developer can make a single-page 
web OSGi application in just minutes. From there, it is easy to extend with the 
extensive number of OSGi open source and commercials components that exist.” 

In terms of its relation to other profiles I think you may be getting confused 
with the OSGi Alliance work groups and specifications.  There are several work 
groups namely; CPEG (Core Platform Expert Group), EEG (Enterprise Expert 
Group), REG (Residential Expert Group) and IoTEG (IoT Expert Group). enRoute 
may or may not use some of the different specifications from these and it has 
also generated some potential requirements for new specifications.

enRoute uses Bndtools, but Bndtools is a standalone open source project that 
provides a plugin for the Eclipse IDE to make it easier to develop OSGi 
software. If you have specific Bndtools questions I am sure the people on the 
Bndtools mail list will be pleased to help. This is the right place for enRoute 
questions though.

To get your hands on enRoute and to start seeing what it provides the Quick 
Start tutorial should help ( 

Hope this helps.


> On 6 Dec 2016, at 20:29, Leschke, Scott <> wrote:
> I’ve started looking at Enroute and I’m a bit confused as to how it is 
> distinguished from some of the other profiles that exist, say Enterprise or 
> Residential? There’s talk of tooling and naming conventions and the like but 
> it would seem to me that bndtools is general purpose OSGi and it’s not clear 
> from what I’ve looked at online how exactly the naming conventions (.api, 
> .provider, etc.) are enforced and what exactly they buy you.
> I have to admit I haven’t sat through a full tutorial yet because I was just 
> kind of trying to get clarity on what exactly it is intended to buy you. I 
> also expected to see an osgi.enroute repo in bndtools Repository view (under 
> Bndtools Hub) but there is none so I’m not sure how to even get access to 
> that profile.
> Color me mildly confused.
> Scott
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