Thanks Francisco for your your answer,

So what I'm going to check is creating an osgi enRoute project where I'm
going to put only the slf4j and other shared dependencies without source
code and will try to export it.
Will update in here with my findings.

2017-03-02 10:37 GMT+01:00 Francisco Olarte <>:

> Mestiri:
> On Thu, Mar 2, 2017 at 10:13 AM, Mestiri Meher <>
> wrote:
> > But does the enRoute way resolves the way of shared libraries between
> > bundles ??
> >
> > If I'm going to need in my project lot of bundles and all of them need
> > library ('A' + 'B')  which is the best way to expose those libraries (as
> > bundles) to all the other bundles living in the osgi context ?
> I do not know about enRoute specifically. But in OSGi if you have,
> let's say A.jar with package p.a and B.jar which uses p.a and has p.b
> you just export p.a from A, import p.a in B, export p.b from B ( in
> the manifests, using the wrapping process ( In my code I specifically
> build of my libs as bundles, as bundles can be used as plain jars in
> other code, like wars ) ), and then install then in the server. You do
> not start them, you start active bundles, bundles which do things,
> like provide services. If you just need something similar to 'copy
> them in the classpath' you just install them and, if the manifest is
> correct, the server will find them.
> Francisco Olarte.
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