Eclipse does only support the DS 1.2 spec and this was added in a later version.
if you are running in a DS 1.3 environment you have to add it manually to the 
xml and cannot use the annotations.
Discussion is under way to add the functionality in Eclipse 4.7

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Thank you both for your answers.

Is it possible to directly annotate a reference with the minimum cardinality, 
or do I have to do this via ConfigurationAdmin?
In Eclipse autocomplete only shows the property cardinality which expects a 
ReferenceCardinality (OPTIONAL, MANDATORY, etc.) in the specification also only talks about how to adress this 
property via ConfigurationAdmin.

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You can find an example in one of my blog posts.

At the bottom the usage of the minimum cardinality reference property is shown.

Am 02.03.2017 1:07 PM schrieb "Carsten Ziegeler" 
You can do this with DS, have a look at section Minimum
Cardinality Property


Thomas Driessen wrote
> Hi,
> I currently have the following usecase:
> Service A depends on Service B
> Service B depends on 4x Service C
> Service A may only become active when Service B has exactly 4x Service
> C, thus becoming active itself.
> I'm using declarative services which only support 0-*, 1-*, 0-1 and
> exactly 1 dependencies between services.
> One idea I came up with, was to count the C services in B's setC(C c)
> method and, on reaching the count of 4, setting a specific property on B
> (e.g. weirdUsecaseIsActive = true) and let A's reference to B filter
> with a corresponding target filter.
> I know this sound like a dirty hack, but I did not found any better
> solutions.
> Therefore, my questions are:
> 1) Is there a better solution for my usecase?
> 2) If not: How do I update properties of a service at runtime?
> Kind regards,
> Thomas
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