Simon Spero a écrit le 18/05/2017 à 01:12 :
> The   reactive-streams API is  provided by the nested interfaces in
> jdk9s java.util.concurrent.Flow (Doug Lea original here
> <>).

It's been available for a while and as a valid OSGi bundle on maven
Central [1] with several implementations. Doug Lea is not the author of
the RS APIs, but as the lead for JEP 266 [2] he moved them into

> Of course, they aren't actual sub-types of the org.reactivestreams.*
> classes, so wrap and delegate. 
> A basic-but-Doug-Lea push-stream with flow control is included in
> java.util.concurrent.SubmissionPublisher
> <>
>  ;
> rxjava2  Flowable's are nicer.

I use Reactor[3], which is inspired by RxJava but was built from the
start with reactive streams and back-pressure in mind.


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