Happy birthday, Harrison.

You and the OSLIST continue to inspire me - even in my lurker role of recent years.

This year your birthday happens when many of us are still thinking, talking, wondering and lots of other ...ings about the US election. The memory this triggers for me is of the election night you spent at our house in Columbus 16 years ago.

We had combined an opening of space for Diane Bennett and Action for Children with a one day intro to OST before and after election day. (BTW, that work with early childhood education continues to grow, thrive, and influence others in ways we never imagined.)

Anyway, as the night got later and it was clear we were not going to know the outcome for quite some time (hanging chads in Florida and more mishigas). You decided to go to bed and, as you left the family room you complained light-heartedly, "I don't know if I've been Bush-whacked or Gored."

The last 16 years brought us challenges and opportunities none of us imagined at that time. Many of the opportunities grew out of how our work in particular communities (rooted in geography, professions, faith, culture, passion, responsibility, etc.) in the context of what was going on nationally and globally.

While I have many questions and concerns about the next 4 years in the US and beyond, this memory reminds me that (a) we will likely make it through whatever is to come, one way or another, and (b) that if we live in the spirit of OST and open our hearts, spirits and minds to one another we will find ways to open the space we need to make the best of it... whether that space opens in planned events or spontaneous, serendipitous moments of opportunity that occur and that we will have made ourselves available to notice and take advantage of.

Best wishes, my friend.


Chris Kloth
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Think globally. Act locally.

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