YES - IT'S ON - WOSONOS 2017!!

It's time to register for another annual gathering to explore the edges of
Open Space -- and to push them out just a little bit further. Like Michael
Herman, the 1999 Chicago host wrote, this is the place to laugh and learn
-- with old friends and kindred spirits -- some of the most experienced
Open Space practitioners on the planet and some of the most passionate new
practitioners and explorers of Open Space. You needn't consider yourself an
Open Space expert. It's enough to bring your passion, your experience and
the story from just one place where you've opened the space -- or even a
real situation where you are actively working now to open the space. But
don't expect a training event, or conference, because that's not what this
one is.

The practitioners gathering will be at ShuiLiHui, right beside Tainan
University and the 5 Concubines Temple, a 3 minute bike ride from Confucius
Temple. This is Central Tainan in the historic area. On Google search

It'll be held Oct. 26-28.
9am to 6pm Thurs & Fri., and 9 to noon Saturday.
The night before there'll be an informal gathering at a nearby sidewalk
barbeque place.

Overseas visitors will have priority for on-site housing until September
15. There are 20 double rooms on site @ 500NTD/person. We held all rooms at
the venue. (For reservations, email me) We've got a list of several other
housing options. Trip Advisor & AirBnB work super well, too. The venue is a
<100NTD taxi ride from every possible level of housing. We'll be happy to
help folks find what works best for them. Easy peasy.

Registration fee:
This year the venue arrangements give us the space to offer a "pick your
own price" registration. Price won't be an impediment for anyone. We
recommend 150 USD. Each person tells us the price that works for them. Some
people are joining our support team in exchange for free registration.We
supply breakfast, lunch and snacks. For dinners, Tainan is FULL of great
food. We'll hand out maps and lists.

Space opens 9am Thursday. Agenda Walls go from empty to full by about 10am.
As usual, each person there is invited to host the topics that matter most
to them, and we self-organize from there. It's fun. Be prepared to be

It's the yearly "meeting of the tribe" - as several people in Manila last
year expressed. We gather, we renew, we post and host topics, share stories
and learnings, think through issues & opportunities in our practice. It's
that simple.

Please join us!
...and please do help spread the word to those people you know who will
learn from and contribute to this worldwide open space gathering!

Interested in coming?
Say so here:

KNOW you're coming?
Register here:

FaceBook conversation place, get questions asked, invite your topics, share
your/our news

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Skype) gwestica
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