Oops again. And now I come conscience that I have two accounts in the list, but 
this one is the one I’ll be using from now on: juanluiswal...@gmail.com 


Have everybody a nice day with much love & peace,


Juan Luis


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Oops. I was thinking that this message had been sent only to Suzanne, but well 
equally is a nice opportunity to say now “Hi” to all my dear friends in this 
lovely community. Hope soon I will talk you more about me, life and the 
practice of Open Space.


A big hug for all,


Juan Luis


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My dear Suzanne:


Hope that you, your family and friends are safe, and that you are taking much 
care of yourself.


Fortunately that is in my case, here in Valencia and with all my family that 
are in Santiago and Paris. 


I was a little bit sad Suzanne because of not knowing at time of this inspired 
invitation that you have make in the Oslist, what happens is that actually I 
don’t go frequently to the list and only I have seen it last Saturday 21.


Tell me please how was the experience and if you are thinking to repeat it in 
the future so I can participate actively in it.


Love and peace,


Juan Luis Walker


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Hello All,


A huge leap, a bold move. Later today and this week, we are launching the 
Virtual Agora Gardens as part of the World Happiness Fest activities. It will 
be a self-organizing conversational space using the combined technologies of 
QiQo Chat (where you can choose your garden and topic) and Zoom (where you then 
engage directly in face-to-face conversations on topics of your choice).  A 
unique feature of this Virtual Agora (gathering) is that people will be hosting 
each other. No leaders, facilitators or official hosts. Self-organizing like in 


You can check out the space and concept here;  


All are warmly invited to join this experiment, lending your passion and skills 
as hosts and facilitators, helping us informally open and hold space for others 
and with others.  It is free and lasts all week. You can drop in anytime and 
stay as long as you want. 


As the planning for the World Happiness Fest was underway, there was no way to 
predict the alarming and unfolding circumstances of the coronavirus.  The 
Global Happiness Event is in its third year and has been increasing 
exponentially. Over the past weeks and month, the planning team, organizers and 
world hosts have been adjusting, creating and responding with such sensitivity, 
generosity and heart. 


With this latest Virtual Garden initiative, it’s also been a race against the 
clock. What was intended to be a small Open Space experiment, complementing the 
many activities (presentations, live events, and more) of the World Happiness 
Fest is now potentially a place and space that will fill an urgent and 
important need for many. 


A bit more background:


The World Happiness Fest Week (March 16th - 22nd)   
<https://www.happinessfest.world/en/> https://www.happinessfest.world/en/ is 
launching today from Madrid.  All in-person events and presentations now 
“without audience” will be recorded and live streamed free. Many of the 
in-person Agoras (gatherings) – about 80 around the world have been cancelled 
or scaled down which will certainly shift the attention to virtual. Many of our 
colleagues in the Open Space community were/are hosting Agoras where they live: 
in Canada, Nashville, Spain, India and other places. 


Lucas Cioffi, founder of QiQo Chat and a great friend of Open Space, has worked 
tirelessly to develop this virtual garden concept with input from our friends 
and colleagues here and there, along the way. 


Luis Gallardo, Founder and President of Happiness, also an ardent supporter of 
Open Space, came up with the idea of having a virtual garden setting for this 
conversational intiative. Luis was at World Open Space in October and he, with 
core members of his planning team, also attended the Peace and High Performance 
gathering in New York.  


This is an excerpt of Luis’ message to a global community a few days ago as 
their team continued to plan, adjust and respond to the needs and current 
happenings. It is in the spirit of his heartfelt words that we are extending 
this invitation to you. 



Given the almost widespread alarm that is causing the spread of Coronavirus 
throughout the world, we want to take a very special role, a role of hope in 
view of fear, and the remembering that we are all responsible for the decisions 
we make.

This is the time when we need positive, calm and aware leadership. It is now 
when we need to talk about stress, before trauma and after, the impact of 
negative news on our behavior, the crippling effects of fear and anxiety and 
its consequences. This is the time to contrast the facts, to learn from the 
past and to build a future full of hope, because we know that isolation, 
loneliness and depression are devastating to human beings.

We have decided to take advantage of this alarm situation and the celebration 
of The World Happiness Fest between March 16 and 22, 2020 to set an example and 
remain the forum we are. We are a forum for reflection on integral human 
development, on new economic and development models, on peaceful coexistence 
and the flourishing of all; family, work, school and community.

We will keep the agenda online and by video streaming giving free access to 
anyone who wants to access the contents and wisdom of the experts of our 
community, and we will enable our online platform so that there is dialogue, 
from any corner of the planet, without moving from home if it is what you want.


Thank you for your support and feedback. Forgive the bumps along the way. This 
is truly an experiment and we’ve still got lots to learn and test. But we felt 
we just had to leap!


As always, ever appreciative,




Suzanne Daigle
Open Space Facilitator
NuFocus Strategic Group

Cell: 203-722-2009
www.nufocusgroupusa.com <http://www.nufocusgroupusa.com> 
s.dai...@nufocusgroup.com <mailto:s.dai...@nufocusgroup.com> 


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