Does anyone else have issues with the way the orange map marker disappears from 
the map if moving the screen now?

I've entered the following on github, and if anyone would like to add their 
comments, please feel free to do so on....

"Since the above update, the orange map marker now disappears as soon as I move 
or touch the screen (I am aware this is intentional and that the developers aim 
to make markers more intuitive for users).

Previously, I found it helpful to have it as a "sticky" marker when I was 
exploring around the area marked. It was simple to remove by swipe-down after 
tapping the marker to show the details tab.

If one carries out a search (of any kind) and make a selection from the list, 
...the orange marker appears as expected on the map, to highlight your 
selection. However, ...if you now move the map even a fraction (inadvertently 
or intentionally), your orange marker disappears, and one has to go back to the 
search again to find your selection.

I'm aware I could leave a flag marker in place, but I'm then left with flags 
I'd need to click on & remove.

Could the developers kindly consider adding a settings toggle to turn "sticky" 
on or off for the map markers, please?"


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