I've successfully imported points and names from KMLs created in Google My 
Maps and converted to GPXs, then displayed on OsmAnd using My Places. And 
I've done the same using Viking <http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Viking> 
GPX.  So I'm wondering if the problem is that the name data is not in your 
GPX itself or is not formatted in a way OsmAnd expects.  

On Monday, August 7, 2017 at 10:08:15 PM UTC-7, Jesse Huth wrote:
> So I want to import my starred places from google maps into Osmand+ but 
> keep having issues.  I downloaded them into .json using google takeout, 
> then converted it to .gpx using mygeodata.  I initially renamed it 
> favourites.gpx and put it in the osmand folder, but all that showed up was 
> the last point in the file and it didn't even have a name.  I deleted it 
> and tried emailing myself the file and opening with osmand+.  I chose the 
> option to save it to favorites, and nothing imported.  I tried different 
> conversion sites, resaving it with random timestamps using gpx editor, 
> restarting osmand, nothing worked.  When I eventually tried saving it as a 
> GPX track the location points showed up, but they lost their names and are 
> just labeled "waypoint".  So, how do I get this to import a gpx file 
> properly and keep the waypoint names?

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