Cameron Coatta <> writes:

> Is there a setting to automatically update saved tracks from the OsmAnd app 
> to a cloud storage service?

No.  But, it's easy to do something that is perhaps similar.

1) Configure OsmAnd to save tracks (all data really) in external
   storage.  My install is like that because it used to be the default,
   I think, but it should be easy to change the storage location.

2) Install syncthing on your phone, and also on a computer.  Configure a
   folder "osmand" and map it to the osmand directory on your phone's
   external (probably emulated) storage, and to some directory on the

   On the phone, I suggest configuring syncthing to sync only on wifi
   and with power, but I sync a lot.  If you only sync tracks, then you
   might want it to always sync.  (But I sync maps, so that I can copy
   them among multiple Android devices instead of downloading them on
   each, to save my time, reduce load on my access link, and reduce load
   on the OsmAnd servers.)

Then your OsmAnd data will appear on your computer.

If you really want the data on somebody else's computer :-) there are
probably other programs and services to configure syncing.

(If you are looking for not only backup but a web site for analysis, I
don't have any useful advice.)

> Also, is the a desktop version of the app or is it best to export the
> .gpx files and view in another application?

You don't have to "export" the gpx files, as they are written to the
phone's filesystem and are in a standard format.  But you do need to
transport them from the phone to a computer as I explained above.

I look at OsmAnd-recorded GPX files with viking (on Unix), JOSM (the
openstreetmap editor), and Garmin Basecamp.  I would expect any program
that can show GPX files will work just fine -- the format is pretty
simple and OsmAnd seems to write conforming GPX files.

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