> I purchased this maybe a year ago and recently did a complete wipe/restore
> of my phone. When reinstalling I appear to have to purchase again as the
> setting that indicates a purchase doesn't seem to carry through from the
> store.
> Any suggestions?

Ever since I started using the paid version "Osmand+", I have been using at 
least two mobile phones. At each of these 2 phones, I have carried out several 
factory resets. In between, each factory reset, I have deleted and reinstalled 
Osmand+ several times. I have also had a few OTA updates to some higher 
version of Android. However, notwithstanding all these changes, I only needed 
to pay "Osmand+" once so far.

The key issue: each time when I carry out a factory reset, transfer to another 
phone or reinstall of Osmand+, I log into Google Play via the SAME mail 
address that I have been using when purchasing Osmand+. If you log into Google 
Play with some other mail address, the system will not recognise you as 
someone who has purchased Osmand+. Beside my main gmail address, I have a few 
more secondary addresses at my phone - via each of them, I could log in to 
Google Play. However, I avoid doing so, because I can access the packages I 
have paid for via only the mail address I have been using at the time of the 


Bas G. Roufs. 

Bas G. Roufs
Van 't Hoffstraat 1
NL- 3514 VT  Utrecht
+31 6 446 835 10

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