For testing purposes I used to install the Osmand~ version manually from 
its downloaded APK file.

This was last sucessfull with a nightly built apk file from march 2018.

More recent apk files from May 2018 fail on manually installation with 
simple error text: "App not installed" after a while.

Phone device is a Moto G (peregrine) with Android 5.1 ... Total commander 
says the I have more than 700 MB free memory on internal device, next to my 
sd card.

Copying that apk file to my Asus tablet with Android 4.x works, and manual 
apk installation is successful there, so the apk file seems to be 
error-free, I think.

Trying to install the OsmAnd-default.apk file from May 2018 is successful 
on my phone, albeit.

Is there anyone having same trouble with installation of Osmand's 

Greets, Stephan

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