> If you have commands in your agent.conf, you need to set 
> "logcollector.remote_commands" to "1" in internal_options.conf. 
> https://ossec.github.io/docs/syntax/head_internal_options.analysisd.html?highlight=remote%20command#intopt-logcollector.remote_commands=0
>  now i have logcollector.remote_commands=0, so which is mean that my 
client use agent.conf from server?
i have agent.conf on a client to, is it apply to client?

> Clients use "/var/ossec/etc/ossec.conf" and 
> "/var/ossec/etc/shared/agent.conf." 
> The agent.conf comes from the server. 
> Some configurations can be set in the agent.conf, but not all. 
> Unfortunately there 
> isn't a good list of which works where. 
> > how can i resolv this error ossec-logcollector(1202): ERROR? 

> So this error, how can i resolv? 


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