I would like to perform atmospheric correction on WorldView-3 8-Band VNIR 
MSI. I found a radiance response file 
However, I do not think it is in the correct format. I believe what is 
expected is for the first column to be wavelengths in microns (not 
nanometers), the second column should be solar irradiance (not provided in 
the file), and the next columns are the spectral responses for each band.  
I think I can use the Thuillier 2003 spectral response curve listed 
but I'm not sure what order the bands should be listed. The provided file 
has PAN, C, B, G, Y, R, RE, N1, N2, S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, S7, S8. I think 
since I have just the 8-band VNIR product that I should have them in  C, B, 
G, Y, R, RE, N1, N2 order with the others excluded from the file, but I'm 
not sure.  Also, what units should the spectral response values be in?  The 
provided file has them as radiance values.



Check the OTB FAQ at

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