You have to change ~/Kernel/Output/HTML/Templates/Standard/

Am 21.09.2016 um 11:01 schrieb Dimitrakakis Georgios:

I am trying to remove redundant information from the search function of 
Customer Information Center.

So far the search box is the one I am attaching but I want to keep only the 
upper (Customer) and remove the lower (Customer User) box.

How can I achieve that?

I think that I have identified the file (also attached here) responsible for 
this to be : ~/var/httpd/htdocs/js/Core.Agent.CustomerInformationCenterSearch.js
Am I correct??

If this is the file I am then why changing at the bottom of it the "TargetNS.Init = 
function" has no influence to the box??

Any ideas are mostly welcome!

Best regards,


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