On 8/17/05, César Gallego <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> ¿es posible con css o html crear degradados dentro de algún td, tr o tabla 
> sin usar imágenes?

pues... no.

aunque ie todo lo puede (no apto para personas sensibles):

There is one way, however, that you could cause a gradient fill through the 
> script, by setting offbgcolor="transparent" in the menu style and using a 
> Gradient() filter in the style's overfilter (you could also set 
> onbgcolor="transparent" if you want). The following overfilter would cause a 
> yellow-to-black, top-to-bottom (vertical) gradient fill.  
> overfilter="Gradient(GradientType=0, 
> StartColorStr='#FFFF00', EndColorStr='#000000')";  
>  Remove the border properties from the style and this gradient gives a 
> sort of glowy, metallic gold, almost 3d look to a horizintal menu.
>  Change GradientType=1 for a horizontal gradient. Reverse the Start and 
> End colors to reverse the direction of the color change. As always, you can 
> combine this with other filters, like Shadow(), Alpha(), Pixelate(), etc.
>  One thing... this will only work in IE5.5 and above! So it probably ain't 
> all that useful. But it might be fun to play with, and it'll help you 
> experiment with different types of filters.

inti castro
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