On Mon, Jul 24, 2017 at 01:04:34PM +0200, Pablo Pousada wrote:
> I've been encountering an error on the testbed I'm building, where having
> multiple ports added to a ovs bridge blocks all outwards communication.
> Example: Having the following setup, i have connectivity through the eth0.3
> port:
> root@LEDE:~# ovs-vsctl show
> 41ae4f8f-55db-4cd0-8dd1-3e7b001d8f54
>     Bridge "br0"
>         Controller "tcp:"
>         Port "br0"
>             Interface "br0"
>                 type: internal
>         Port "eth0.3"
>             Interface "eth0.3"
> Whenever I add another port to that bridge, inward packages are received,
> but outward packages are never sent. The problem persists with or without
> controller.
> ┬┐Does anyone have any info on where the problem might be?
> I'm using Open vSwitch version 2.5.0 over LEDE.

This sounds like the second question here:
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