There have been times when using the owhttpd interface page to look at the various temperatures I have seen 85 at some resolutions and apparently valid values at other resolutions. Does it therefore make sense when reading values within my program to check for a valid read at 12 bit (my normal resolution) and if it is not valid to then check for a valid value at lower resolutions?

I do set /simultaneous/temperature and sleep 1 sec at the start of the loop, so I assume that to do additional reads I would need to read from uncached and there would be a 1sec delay for each read, but it should not happen very often.

Will this increase the robustness of the system or is it just an added complication for no real benefit?



On 13/03/2020 21:53, Jan Kandziora wrote:
Am 13.03.20 um 17:05 schrieb
Hello Jan,
I'm sorry, you are right.
I do not use bash commands, I do read and write operations from a Python3
program. I do it step by step, as I'm not used to Python.
I had a version with uncached, but there was another program error and I forgot
adjusting the file path.
PATH = "/mnt/1wire/bus.0/"
*initiation of conversion:*

while True:         # Hauptprogramm
      t1 = time()
      fw = open(PATH + "simultaneous" + "/temperature", "w")
*reading values:*
      for i in tempList:
          deviceFile = PATH + "uncached/" + temps[i] + "/latesttemp"
          f = open(deviceFile, "r")
          tempBuffer = float(
          if tempBuffer != 85.0:
              tempw[i] = tempBuffer
          print(temps[i], tempw[i])
t2 = time()
print(t2 - t1)
However, now I wonder about very short conversion times, shorter than 700 ms a
single 12bit conversion shoul take.

Writing to /simultaneous/temperature does not wait for the end of
conversion. You have to do this by hand in case you have nothing better
to do in your program.

Also, I recommend not to use the FUSE binding of OWFS, as it has
unfixable race conditions. Use OWFS' owserver and pyownet instead.

Actually there is a problem when installing OWFS on Raspian Buster on PIs. File
system an sensors appear in duplicates. I give you a link to the forum of the
manufacturer of the used DS2482-100 adapter:

Honestly, no idea. May be a FUSE bug.

It's best to forget about the FUSE binding at all.

Kind regards


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