Now that *is* really cool. Many thanks (again) Peter.

On 12/03/18 13:54, Peter Stadler wrote:
I think what’s expensive here is that you spin up a JVM for every file.
You can prevent this by passing a directory to the Saxon CLI as input parameter 
which should be way faster. (You’d need to concat the results in a second step, 


Am 12.03.2018 um 13:54 schrieb Lou Burnard <>:

I want to run a simple XSLT script against each of about 50,000 small RDF files, sending the 
output to a single file. I can do it at the command line, but I'd like it to complete within my 
lifetime, or preferably before lunch. Is there a better way than saying "for f in *.rdf; 
do saxon $f mystylesheet.xsl >> output.xml; done" ?

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