Hi Greg,
I had a similar issue with a web forms intranet application. I decided on 
purchasing a ready-made bootstrap theme to do the styling work for me - 


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Folks, I'm creating a non-trivial 
 Web Forms application for the first time in several years. I have previously 
suffered from the terrible problem where I spend more time on formatting and 
stying than I do on coding. Sometimes it can take 1 hour to get a single web 
page working, then it takes 4 hours to make it look nice. I thought I'd try 
Bootstrap this time to ease the burden of styling, but now I'm wasting more 
time learning all the conventions and quirks of Bootstrap. This is typical, I 
find if you decide to use some "kit" then you usually have to become an expert 
in that kit.

The answer to this problem is to split the development into (1) coding (2) 
styling. I have done this twice before, over 10 years ago ... I write a 
completely working web site with only the bare minimum formatting and styles, 
then later someone comes along and styles it beautifully.

Is anyone still doing this sort of thing? What do others do to style their 
sites with minimum suffering?

Finally ... Is there anyone in this group who is a styling boffin and might 
take a short contract in several weeks time to style my app once it's near 
completion? I guess it might be several hours work spread out over a few days. 
If you can help, please email me off-list at 
gfke...@gmail.com<mailto:gfke...@gmail.com>, or phone on 0419-113-543.

Greg Keogh

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