Hi Pifta,

I have the following arguments for relaxing the line length limit:

* The problem is asymmetric: given a longer line limit we can use
short lines, but not the other way around. I would like to break lines
where it makes sense to do so (as you say "wrapping that helps the
understanding of what I am trying to express in the code").
* Same goes for tool support:
  * You can configure your editor to soft-wrap long lines to match
your reading preference, but not to soft-join short ones.
  * Similarly, your editor may be able to hard-wrap to make it easier
to adhere to the length limit, but I don't think it will auto-join
lines when they get shorter.
* Line length limit and self-explanatory (ie. reasonably long) names
impose conflicting requirements.
* Sometimes you cannot even change long names (generated or third-party code).
* You may violate the line length limit even in files you never open.
Refactoring and auto-wrap don't mix.
* Adherence to limits may trigger more change than necessary, so
reviewers have to look harder to find the meat of the change.  (This
is similar to reordering imports unnecessarily).
* I would like to avoid spending time trying to satisfy such rules
(eg. the situation you describe where you "try to separate things

I agree that for any specific length limit there will be situations
where that limit is not enough.  But I think we can agree that the
lower the limit the more frequently this is likely to happen.

I think assuming good will and having peer review are better
safe-guards for this than strict rules.

> I have the following personal reasons:
> - in my laptop, I can have two files in IDEA splitted horizontally with a
> line length of 80, with 120 I loose this property of our source code
> - in my big monitor, I can fit 4 different files in IDEA splitted
> horizontally, or I can have my browser open beside my IDEA on the same
> screen, with line length of 80, with 120 I loose this property or at least
> I might need horizontal scrolling in the browser

These depend on resolution and font size.  You may be able to change
them to satisfy your requirements.

> - typography studies shows that the ideal line length for reading is around
> 45-75 characters long, ...
> https://baymard.com/blog/line-length-readability
> https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2014/09/balancing-line-length-font-size-responsive-web-design/

I think these studies are about prose, not code.  I don't think you
read these two the same way.


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