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Dear all,

>From the 21st of August we will be joining our forces to kick off
Koppelting 2017, a week long p2p festival at De WAR.

During the weekdays we will work in-depth on a few dedicated projects.
Create the food of the future at the Foodlab. Help out in the development
of the open source CMS 'Hypha'. Join the team that will make the Biolab
GCMS open source. Or bring your own project!

In the weekend, 26 and 27 August, there will be an unconference on a broad
variety of topics that participants bring in, ranging from a demonstration
on bacterial knitting, a lecture by Kris de Decker of Lowtech Magazine, to
the start of a new, critical local press.

There will be the occasion to meet like-minded people, share a good meal
and engage in conversation.

In any case we would like to invite you to sign up for the event at
koppelting.org/en/festival/signup and share your knowledge, ideas and
concerns with your peers this summer during the event. All types of
contributions are welcome: presentations, workshops, debates, theatre
performances; you name it! Watch the line-up as it automatically expands
here: koppelting.org/en/festival2017/lineup.

The cost of organising the conference will be distributed amongst all
participants, speakers and non-speakers alike. It will be pay as you like,
but if we meet an average of €50 per person we can afford to cover some
basic costs of the venue, serve free coffee, tea, breakfast and lunch and
have all the talks streamed and recorded.

Best regards,
Diana, Fierman, Harmen, Katrien, Maarten, Matthijs

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