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One of our Stop Reset Go members, Ferial just launched a global webTV
channel for Stop Reset Go TV. It’s a crowdfunding campaign running until
Monday Aug 21, 2017. It doesn’t appear to be asking for donations yet, but
just for viral spreading to try to reach 10,000 people. Please watch if you
have 6 minutes to spare. It was really well done and Ferial asked some of
the members of our solidarity network to talk about whole system change.
The webTV channel can be used for all of us to boost Cosmo-localization. We
think of Stop, Reset Go as a simple 3 step turnaround strategy from a state
of perceived harm to a state of (holistic) wellbeing. So the idea is that
with this infrastructure, we can give voice to any community on the planet
to share and broadcast their voice, unfiltered and independently. I’m not
even sure what all the ramifcations of this are, but for
cosmo-localization, we can have a way for people to show the results of
implementing downloaded designs and for disseminating the knowledge out to
the community. I need to ask Ferial for more technical details if possible.
The crowdfunding campaign falls short on those. For instance, does it use
mobile tech? Is it some low bandwidth tech that can be suitable for
impoverished communities? Can it tie into FM radio, which could be more
accessible in such communities, etc.

You can at least see some of us you’ve been talking to in the video!


The Crowdfunding page is here:


where you can share the link.

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