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> I'll review this package.
> My comments:
> Use ExclusiveArch instead of BuildArch and in general follow
> Guidelines?rd=PackagingGuidelines#Architecture_Support
> If the reason for building on just the architectures specified is that the
> other platforms do not have the hardware needed, then please at least add a
> comment about this fact to the spec.
> The build is nonstandard and does not apply RPM_OPT_FLAGS and LDFLAGS during
> the build which means that hardening and optimalization is not applied. This
> must be fixed too.

Thanks for taking time to review this package!

The developer has been using nonstandard variables such as LNFLAGS (as opposed
to LDFLAGS) and CCFLAGS (for CFLAGS) etc.  There were other compile flags such
as CCLFLAGS for compiling library and CCAFLAGS for compiling application.

Would that be OK to keep the naming of those nonstandard variables, while I'm
making sure that the build includes hardending and optimalization with the


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